SolarCoin & SMA

March 4, 2019

SMA and the SolarCoin foundation have officially partnered! It’s been roughly 5 years since Nick Gogerty (Founder of SolarCoin) started SolarCoin and this partnership is a significant step in the right direction for the organisation. In short SMA have provided a simple platform integration of SolarCoin as a reward to their 250,000 users worldwide. This partnership provides great benefit to all SMA customers as its made the accessibility of SolarCoin extremely easy, but also provides a new found level of confidence in SolarCoin itself.

SMA is one of the worlds largest inverter manufacturers and it would be very safe to say they have done their homework. SMA have recognised SolarCoin as a legitimate product of blockchain technology that’s just in its infant stages of growth. Current targets aim to have 25% of the worlds solar producers receiving SolarCoin by 2021. This partnership with SMA will aid greatly in providing awareness of SolarCoin and reaching these targets.

“SMA is a technology-driven company always looking for new opportunities and business models that we can make accessible to our customers. At SMA’s corporate technology department we started exploring blockchain technology early on. After assessing different cryptocurrencies, we came to the conclusion that SolarCoin was one of the most interesting projects in that space for SMA. The idea of having an additional incentive for solar energy production through blockchain technology seemed very appealing. So, why not enable SMA customers to get an extra reward for their produced PV energy by giving them easy access to SolarCoin and at the same time further enhance the attractiveness of Sunny Portal for plant owners and operators?” Raimund Theil (Senior Systems Development Engineer at SMA)

How do you claim SolarCoin if you’re not an SMA customer? Welcome to My Solar Pay! As an official affiliate of the SolarCoin foundation My Solar Pay is able to process all claims on your behalf. The simple registration process will only take 10 minutes to complete and if you have any questions, all Australian customer support is available. My Solar Pay also accommodates commercial as well as domestic solar produces. For Solarfarms and other large scale producers of solar My Solar Pay also offers a one to one service.

If you would to speak with our customer support team please contact:

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